In my heart I worship Devi Kundalini

When She springs up from the mooladhara,

Her home,

And shakes herself as far as the throne of the Sahasrara,

Opening one by one the lotuses of the kingly way Sushumna.

Her beauty is endowed with the dazzle of a flash

And her body streams with the ambrosia of yoga.

Hymn to Bhairawi

Kundalini : almost all traditions mention kundalini in some form or other and each one gives its own description of her.

 Christian writings call her the "Holy Spirit", the Chinese "Chi" and the Japonese "Ki". Kundalini is the supreme Shakti, the Mother of the Universe, Shiva's spouse. She is the goal of yoga and other disciplines.

 There is nothing higher, greater, more beautiful, more sublime than the SHAKTI, The nature of Divine Kundalini. However surprising it may seem, Kundalini loves to play.

 I laugh and feel sorry for those in the world who try and arouse her by using more or less sophisticated machines. The human being tries to seize Kundalini through absurd machines or techniques.

Of course, it does not work. For some people, faith in technology has replaced faith in the Divine Kundalini is the awakened path to happiness and plenitude. 

The protected kingly path that will take you to full Self-Awareness. There is no point in using drugs or other bizarre means to arouse Her.

Kundalini is the Universal Awareness.

The name "Kundalini" belongs to the tradition derived from Shivaism writings. But there is no point in going to India to arouse Divine Kundalini.

You, my dear friends who are reading these lines, shall know this pleasure, this inexpressible joy when your Inner Mother arouses along your spine.

 Divine Kundalini shall purify your Shushumna and you shall know the ultimate goal of your existence :

your own supreme Achievement. This remarquable strength is nested at the bottom of the column of your existence.

Hermès Trismegiste calls Her 


"The Strongest Strength of all Strengths."

Once she has been stirred up, She can go either upwards or downwards. If She goes upwards, the being benefits from greater spiritual development.

If She goes downwards, then comes the helpless fall into darkness and the real depths of eternel damnation. It has always been advisable not to try and arouse Kundalini by force so as not to irritate Her.

Stronger than everything else, this strength can create or destroy. But there is nothing to fear if an Achieved Being decides to make you share this incredible experience.

Kundalini contains no disease or trouble in Her. On the contrary, She devours diseases and only brings out "the pure elixir".

In the kingdom of Kundalini, there is no mental craziness or physical diseases. Thousands of texts have quoted Her, but in a hidden form such as the burning bush,  the tongue of fire, the snake, Mercury's caduceus, the tree of life, etc.

But with time, even non-Achieved Beings heard of this secret. Some movements or sexo-tantric and lamaic sects distorted the tradition and perverted the cult and sublime teachings.

 Today, tons of books are available in bookstores but none will arouse Kundalini in you People are infuriated. Intellectually, they know lots of things but their Kundalini does not rise up. Kundalini is the female principle of God, Divine Mother, Adi Shakti, the Holy Spirit.

 She creates the universe and makes every single part of it divinelys. Even the earth is made divinely but human beings do not know it

 There are two Kundalinis, one in the outer world and the other inside each of us. One in the macrocosm and the other is the microcosm.

 Your Kundalini is already there. All you have to do is turn the button and let the power go through.

 But beware : this strength is easily offended. Wanting to force her is enough to block her in her way up. The day your Kundalini rises up, be as humble and receptive as possible.

 It is a blessed moment that you have been awaiting for centuries. You may compare Kundalini with a cable rolled upon itself and made up of many threads.

She rises by spreading her rings, crossing every chakra in her center. The more your chakras are contracted, the more reduced Kundalini's strength will be, because she does not want to hurt you... 


She is your Mother who follows you
from life to life

and she loves you.

First, she will regenerate your chakras and fix the damage. She will simultaneously wake up the Deities.

 You understand that if your basic chakras are blocked, Divine Mother Kundalini cannot rush forward. That is what happens with unrestrained sexuality Kundalini's pressure decreases as the Sahasrara opens.

At that moment, you feel a fresh breeze of Divine vibrations penetrating you.

Sensations are different from one person to the next because no two human beings are the same. But believe me, you are going to experience a great moment !

Have no fear. Divine Kundalini takes care of the arousal of your own specific Kundalini. So nothing bad can happen

Kundalini makes you aware of your non-duality. Little by little, you understand that you are not alone, a separate identity isolated from an uncertain world.

 By crossing your fontanel, - when born, this area between the bones of the cranium - Kundalini breaks this egg shell. The chick shakes itself and learns to fly. That is the symbol of the Easter egg. The man who has been born a second time comes out of his shell.


This is a glorious day.

Triumphant, loving, glorious, Divine Kundalini wakes up in you an army of powers and cosmic alliances. To awaken Kundalini puts you in touch with Universal Awareness that starts fulfilling your prayers.

 You have become intercessors of mankind. Angels sing their joy at seeing a new Being of Light in the service of God and humanity. !


From the state of human being,

you tend towards the state of God.


This Divinisation can be reached. Kundalini consumes and burns all your impurities. Your vibrations become warm. By purifying you, Kundalini takes you away from men's natural tendencies, which consists in confining their activities to the two lower centers.

The highest of these centers is at the navel. As a result, the human being contents himself with satisfactions given by material pleasures. Some men came to see me.

They asked : "Can I arouse Kundalini through sex ?"

Old question, old quest, always the same stupidity. Those yogis were led astray when they left their hermitage and started getting important positions in the royal courts of Northern India.

They were corrupted and encouraged corruption, corrupting the Arts and the passing on of religious teachings. The apparition of so-called erotic murals on certain temples dates back to that period. In Bengal, poetic tournaments celebrated adulterous love, expressing contempt for married  faithfulness.

The courtesan became the focal point of society, thus degrading the woman, the mother who is so worshipped by the hindu family.

This wave of porno-tantrism could not be eradicated and therefore Muslim invaders were contaminated. Nowadays, it is the Western world, where Christendom prevails, and is hit in turn by this plague, relayed by some TV channels and more and more sensuous ads.

I know people who are just like those men who came to ask that question. They give tantrism the largest role in their discovery of hindu teaching.

Is it because their parents took sexual repression for spirituality ?

Those new tantrikas committed a sacrilege by calling the linguam, a sexual symbol, whereas it is the symbol of existence, and the chakra of the Sahasrara becomes the symbol of the genitals for them.

Yoga positions (asanas) are used for copulation and are an invitation to eroticism Disgusting ! 

How can one think that God can be reached through sex ? Only naïve intellectuals and possessed artists can believe such nonsense.

By daring to put God at the level of sex, human beings join in the game of dark forces. That's the diabolical way those forces have found to desecrate basic chakras blessed by Deities.

Those Deities, scandalized by such acts, withdraw and in the void they leave behind, dark forces to settle.


Beware and be wise !

Through the grace of Kundalini, when the Spirit reaches the fourth center, the one facing the heart, the human being can see or feel a Divine radiation.

Step by step, the Spirit reaches the other centers and when It reaches the center between the eyebrows, man is protected from all fear. Then, It tears the curtain and reaches the top of the head...

Total and Eternal union with the Lord.

Of course, it takes a highly purified soul to see the manifestation of the personal God. Only Divine Mother Kundalini can allow you to see his Divine Forms through your spiritual organs that have been purified.

You cannot see God through your eyes of flesh. In the course of your evolution, a "body of love" is created which has the eyes and ears of love.

It is through those organs that you can see. From those spiritual heights, all you see is a huge sky that spreads beyond limits.

Then you feel no satisfaction for material enjoyment, power or any inferior thing. On the day of your Achievement, you will know that your Liberation has come.

You understand that without Kundalini expanded, you cannot enjoy the material world or the spirit. Only Kundalini leads to those two states because She creates the world, and every cell and atom feeds upon Her.

Your material life in all aspects is also Her own creation. Kundalini, Divine mother of Love, is full of attention. She grants your wishes in this world while respecting the Divine Law. Your vision of the world will transform, widen and wonder.

A genuine form of enthusiasm, with no useless excitement takes hold of you and you are successful in everything. Your friendship for others will develop.

Your daily life becomes a field of jasmine. Obscenity in all its forms will move away from you.

You will no longer be able to read vulgar books or be around negative people. Your eyes need purity and can only become wide open in spiritual shrines. Your attention is purified as well as your emotions.  

Kundalini regenerates you with great kindness. She gradually cleans your subconscious and your lower chakras. Your brain is clean and its rigid structures begin to melt.

Your innocence returns and Paradise
comes back with it.

Your enthusiasm, vitality and fair judgement will amaze people around you. Through your mere presence, you radiate and alleviate illnesses and other human miseries.

You will be humble but not filled with this fake humility that sets teeth on edge when one comes across those who pretend to serve God.


You do not owe me anything.
You owe everything to Divine Mother Kundalini and Divine Pro

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